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Trading Floor Research is about giving you high probability trading ideas with high probability sell targets 

Never miss your next trading opportunity.
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I created Trading Floor Research to give Portfolio Managers and individual investors a platform to be more tactical in their investment decisions. The analysis provides high-probability market, sector, and industry group turning points and technical analysis of leading stocks and ETFs. All research comes with high probability sell targets.
The TFR system was developed, back-tested, and used to manage high-net-worth portfolios for over 32 years.
Trading Floor Research applies technical analysis tools to create the best trading opportunities for subscribers from start to finish. An e-mail is sent to subscribers bi-weekly highlighting entry points, sell targets, and stops. A text alert will inform you when a newsletter buy candidate confirms the purchase and when the sell targets are achieved. The Trading Floor Research process increases your probability of success by giving you proper asset allocation of each trade and guides you through the investment process with less stress.

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What We Do

We Send Text Alerts to Guide You Through the Trading Process

Never miss a buy or sell opportunity. A text alert lets you know when a newsletter buy candidate becomes a confirmed buy and when the stock hits its sell target.

We Take the Emotion Out of  Your Trade

 Increase your probability of success with less stress. Let Trading Floor Research help you find new stock ideas and provide a proper capital allocation for your trades. TFR will guide you through the process from start to finish. 

We Give You High Probability Trading Setups

A newsletter is e-mailed to you twice a week. It provides new industry groups, individual stocks, and ETF buy signals. The research reports highlight valid entry points, high-probability sell targets, and stop-loss numbers.

 TFR Results 

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TFR Consulting Services


TFR Consulting Services provides technical analysis consultation for

Portfolio Managers, Hedge Fund Managers, RIA's, and Financial Advisors.

Many portfolio management teams do the fundamental analysis independently and do a fantastic job answering the question of WHAT great company they should purchase.

They don't realize that knowing WHEN to buy a stock is what leads to consistent returns. Unfortunately, many portfolio managers ignore the question of WHEN they should purchase the stock and will continue getting inconsistent returns.

Managers that get uncertain results claim that they buy companies for the long term and do not try to time the market. Somewhere along the way these  Portfolio Managers were misinformed and told that "nobody can time the market." 

 WHEN to purchase is the money-making question. 

Give TFR Consulting Services a risk-free trial. We will overlay your fundamental analysis with our technical analysis and help you achieve consistent returns you didn't think were possible.

Please share your next three purchases with us; we will provide a free overlay.

TFR Consulting Services  risk-free trial

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Custom Stock Report

Custom Stock Report gives you a second opinion on a stock you own or a stock you would like to purchase. Increase your probability of success and get a technical analysis report.

The Analysis will include:

  1. A technical roadmap of where your stock can go

  2. Price analysis

  3. Probability of an up or down move

Prepare yourself for trading success on the trading floor.

Custom Stock

  How TFR is Different?

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TFR applies technical analysis to create the best trading opportunities for clients from start to finish.  

                 David J Wozniak, CMT

                 Chief Market Stratigist

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We tell you where to sell before you enter the trade.


Innovative Investing

We know selling can be more complicated than buying. Trading Floor Research gives you high-probability trading ideas with high-probability sell targets. With every trade, you get an entry price, a target price, and a stop price.

You'll know your sell target before you enter the trade.

The system has a high probability trading model developed, backtested, and used to manage high net worth portfolios for over 32 years. Successfully managing portfolios has taught me that the secret to success includes selling losses quickly and letting profits run.

TFR informs you through a text alert of your next trading opportunity and when a sell target is achieved. This allows you to react as quickly as possible to new trading ideas and maximize your ability to make greater trading profits.

Trading Floor Research provides commentary on individual stocks, industry groups, and the market. This gives you greater insight into every trade. Trade setups will come with a possible 1 to 5-star rating based on an individual stock's probability of success. Make better risk management decisions by knowing what to allocate to every trade.

Trading Floor Research takes you down to the trading floor by monitoring and reporting institutional money flow. You get a better feel for stock accumulation and distribution.

Join me on the trading floor. Let's get started.

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Risk Disclaimer

We look for investment resources and inform you of these resources, which you may choose to use in making your own investment decisions. TFR is providing information on this resource to you subject to the TFR "Terms and Conditions of Service" disclaimer. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Inherent in any investment is the potential for loss. This material is being provided for informational purposes only and nothing herein constitutes investment, legal, accounting or tax advice, or a recommendation to buy, sell or hold a security. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. It should not be assumed that any investments in securities, companies, sectors or markets identified and described were or will be profitable. All information is current as of the date of herein and is subject to change without notice.

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